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Todd McGraw

  • A Man with the Highest Standards

    Meet the person who brings the finest steak and wine to West Lafayette: Todd McGraw, the heart and soul behind McGraw's amazing service and food.

    Todd grew up in Attica, Indiana. After graduating from Purdue University’s with a BS in Agricultural Economics, Todd spent 15 years working at Albion Laboratories. This is a major organic micro mineral company and Todd acted as a research, sales, and marketing manager. In 1999, he founded McGraw’s Steak Chop & Fish House, combining his thorough knowledge of the science behind meat with his gourmet taste to bring high-end steaks to the heartland of Indiana. Even while running the restaurant, Todd remains an active leader in the agricultural beef cattle community. He served as the President of the Indiana Beef Cattle Association, a coalition of citizens, organizations, and producers who work together to make life better for the cattle and business better for the state’s beef industry.

  • The Science of Steak

    Creating a perfect, tender, gourmet steak requires more than just a knack for grilling. You have to know about different types of beef cattle to choose the best kind of steak. You have to understand how the biological and chemical makeup of the meat reacts to various temperatures and treatments. You have to know the science behind the steak. No one knows this better than Todd McGraw.

    Todd has an air of expertise that he utilizes every day to optimize the diner’s experience.

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